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Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
but it gets back to the issue of where are the power levers and the forcing mechanisms to make the government deal with the deficit? that's not coming from the markets. the bond market is saying here's the money you want and we're kind of creating these things out of nowhere to force us to deal with the long-term deficit problem but the short term markets aren't doing it. >> neil, talk about these markets you speak of. i want to play a clip of maria the other day. >> the markets right now are expecting a deal. the markets have been trading fine. if we don't gate deal, we are going to see a sizable decline in stocks. we are going to get a big disappointment. >> markets will be disappointed. the markets have expectations. who is this mr. markets that is endowed with the personality anç expectations and is this monolithic creature that will respond to, you know, what's going on in washington? are we giving the markets a little bit too much personality here? >> well, yeah. i mean, obviously the market is millions of people and institutions all over the world deciding whether to buy stocks or bon
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm PST
members of the house but people who are anti-politics in a certain kind of way from the tea party, anti-government, anti-compromise, when they come in to your group, it is impossible to lead. by the way, imt not someone who at any point criticized john boehner's leadership skills. i believe all those criticisms were misplaced. he had a problem with who got elected under his party banner. it's not that previous speakers were better leaders than he was. previous speakers didn't have as many crazy people in the room with him. >> that's a good point. >> let's see how much the republicans appreciate his sage counsel if he says guys, we have to hike rates. i'm waiting for that. speaking of that, lawrence, i know you were there in washington when the clinton rates that we're all talking about now went into effect back in 1993. you probably remember the republicans saying there would be a second recession and millions of jobs lost and none of of that happened in the 1990s. now we're back at the point where democrats for a decade have fought the lower rates and saying we need clinton rates. if it's going t
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
people to work cleaning up. all the national guardsmen arrive. they go on the government payroll, and if they stay a couple of weeks employers replace them. they put somebody else on the payroll. there were ordinarily hourly workers who didn't get to work and filed for unemployment, but by and by this is not an unemployment creator. >> you know, jared, i have a question for you here. first, i do want to mention a little detail from the report. the job creation numbers for october and september were revised downward. the obvious answer is the books were cooked by a chicago guys. if you want to offer an apology to jack welch, i'll let you do that. >> i decidedly do not. what's your question, sir? >> it's an open invitation. >> the serious question i have for you is i know this is something you've been looking at and writing, and it's the effect of long-term high unemployment like we've been having on wages. can you tell us what you see there? >> i will. i will. let me underscore one point below that. this is not a stellar jobs report. you mentioned the downward provision. the decli
Dec 4, 2012 12:00pm PST
. if the economy tanks because we have a dysfunctional government that can't accomplish what is a simple deal here, everybody is going to suffer. so both sides want a deal. they've staked out positions that really aren't that far apart. obama will concede on something public at some point, and i think you see some concessions from republicans and we'll see when that happens. maybe it will happen. the idea we're at a fiscal cliff where the economy stops on january 1st is completely misleading. it's a squeeze. everyone will feel it, but then you're in a position where everyone can vote to cut taxes. that might be more politically feasible. >> i like that perspective. you help us take out some of the fear mongering we see, a lot of the media is perpetuating. that's why we're doing the fiscal follies and the wheel of fortune. fiscal fiesta. the media is doing all this fear mongering and you get a lot out of washington. this is a self-created drama, of course. these cliff negotiations. but the markets are remaining relatively calm and steady. why are investors being so cool and above the fray when ever
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)